Our Vision & Values

Vision Statement

Fairchild Medical Center will serve the health care needs of our area by:

  • Providing high quality, cost effective health care services related to inpatient, outpatient, wellness, prevention, and health education
  • Seeking to involve the entire community in achieving a healthier population
  • Being a leader and catalyst in the formation of a fully integrated health care system
  • Ensuring the availability and accessibility of health care services to our communities.

Value Statement

The source of our strength is a team of caring people including the Board of Directors, Leaders, Hospital Employees, Medical Staff and Volunteers. We value quality, compassion, teamwork, innovation, and professionalism.

Quality is paramount. Every decision we make is an attitude which we will nurture. Customers are the focus of everything we do. Customers include patients, patients’ families, employees, physicians, volunteers, suppliers, and our community at large. Services will be provided with our customers in mind, through a business and humanitarianism approach at a cost-competitive price.

Continuous improvement is essential for our success. We will plan, measure, evaluate and improve the processes as necessary in order to continually make improvements in systems and services throughout our organization.