Financial Services/Billing

Our Business Office takes care of you before and after you receive services at Fairchild Medical Center.  We are a nondiscriminatory institution.  All patients are admitted and treated without regard to race, color, creed, national origin, or ability to pay.

Before You Arrive:

If you have questions about the cost of an upcoming procedure, please contact our Billing Manager at 530-841-6256 for assistance.  Before you leave home please bring with you a picture identification card and any insurance cards you want us to use.

Upon Your Arrival:

Registration staff will be happy to assist you in filing your insurance forms or answering questions about open Fairchild Medical Center accounts.

After Your Care:

The Business Office works hard to submit the insurance claim in your behalf to insurance companies provided at registration.  We stay current on all the up-to-date billing rules and regulations.  A Courtesy Statement is sent to you promptly after we receive insurance payment so that you will know how much you will owe.

You should expect to receive a separate bill for the hospital portion of your stay, clinic visit, your surgeon, the Anesthesiologist and Radiologist.

If you were a patient at Fairchild Medical Clinic you should call 530-842-3507.

Financial Arrangements:

Our payment methods include:  cash, personal checks, money order, and credit card. If you have questions regarding your hospital account contact our Business Office at 530-842-4121.  If you have a question about your clinic account call 530-841-4928.