2018 FMC Employee Food Drive


you can make a difference today!

Did you know that 10% of our FMC patients self identify as food insecure? You can help us make a difference by joining your fellow team members and making a healthy food donation as part of our food drive.

All food donations will be given to the Yreka Resource Center to be handed out to local community members needing assistance.


Donation List by Department

Canned fruit in 100% fruit juice *  - FMC Clinic Suite 700

Unsweetened apple sauce – 6 packs - FMC Clinic Suite 800

Fruit (100%), Veggie or fruit/yogurt –(shelve-stable only)  pouches, Gogo squeeze - Dental

Dried natural fruit (raisin, cranberries, blue berries), fruit leather (Single packs welcomed) - Business Office, IS, Data & General Accounting

Canned Ravioli or pasta (low sodium preferred) - Business Office, IS, Data & General Accounting

Jelly/jam made from 100% fruit juice - Surgery, OPS, Central Supply

Individual 4- or 6- pack of small 100% fruit juice, Please do not donate large juices. - FMC Clinic Suite 900

Salsa - Hospital HIM

Healthy Bean and Rice Chips - HIM

Canned Chili (low sodium preferred not required) - Lab

Canned vegetables - Med/Surg/OB

Microwave Healthy popcorn or skinny pop - Med/Surg/OB

Canned Healthy Pasta Sauces - Purchasing, Environmental Services , Linen & Engineering

Pretzel, pretzel sticks - Purchasing, Environmental Services , Linen & Engineering

Canned Chicken (Single packs welcomed) - Dietary

Canned Tuna (Single packs welcomed)  - Pharmacy

Hearty Soups (Low Sodium preferred) - FMC Clinic Suite 400

Canned Chicken or Beef Broth ( Low Sodium) - Physical Therapy - South Campus

Natural/Organic prepared Mac & Cheese/Pastas (e.g. Annies brand) - CardioPulmonary

Pasta (Whole Wheat Grain Preferred) - Admin/Nurs Admin/Fund Dev/Med Staff

Whole Grain low sugar cereals * Life, Kix, Mini wheats, Rice, Corn or Wheat Chex, Bran Flakes, Quaker Squares, Cheerios, Grape Nuts (Similar to WIC’s approved cereals)  - SVRH

Whole Grain or Rice Crackers - Acme Building

Rice snacks, flavored rice cake - Radiology

Oatmeal and or Cream of wheat (single packs are also good) - Radiology

Dried flavored Snack Peas (Harvest Snaps), Dried Chiakpea or Veggie Chips/Straws (individual bags) * - Physical Therapy – North Campus

Microwave Healthy popcorn or skinny pop - Med/Surg/OB

Whole Grain Cereal Bars* - FMC Clinic Suite 500

Healthy Granola Bars* - ED/ICU

Peanut Butter (Natural preferred; single packs are good) - Surgery OPS, Central Supply

Natural Nuts or low sodium/salt or seeds (sunflower or pumpkin) - FMC Clinic HIM

Meal Replacement Bars (i.e. Kind fruit bites or Bars, Go-MacroBars, Kashi, and Luna Bars) - Shasta Building