Dietary Services

Nutritional Services

At Fairchild Medical Center, we understand the importance of well balanced nutritious meals for patient’s overall health and recovery.  Our nutrition team carefully prepares every meal using fresh, high quality ingredients.  Each year, they prepare and serve more than 85,000 meals for patients, visitors, employees, and volunteers.

Our dietitians are experts in food and nutrition and work closely with the doctors, nurses and other healthcare members.  They provide medical nutrition therapy for individuals and groups and strive to teach people how to achieve a well balanced diet to maximize the health benefits of food.  Additionally, they customize meal plans for hospitalized patients based on their medical condition.Nutritional Services also offers outpatient medical nutrition therapy.  This involves one-on-one education to patients and/or family members to teach about nutrition or develop diets to promote health.  A referral from your Health Care Provider is all you need.

Diabetic Services

Fairchild Medical Center offers an array of services for patients with diabetes and their family members.  With a referral from a Physician, patients will receive one-on-one education by a Certified Diabetes Educator or Dietitian.  Patients learn how to manage their diabetes through nutrition, exercise, medication, blood sugar monitoring, and emotional adjustment to diabetes.