Fairchild Medical Center CPR Classes


Fairchild Medical Center (FMC) provides two (2) CPR classes per month.  Both classes are BLS (Basic Life Support) CPR classes using the American Heart Association (AHA) curriculum.  The first Wednesday of each month BLS class is for internal staff onlyAll internal staff must register at least three (3) weeks in advance of the class and create a profile on the NCTI website.

The 2nd CPR BLS class offered is an evening class on the last Wednesday of the month, which starts at 4:30 p.m., in the Hospital Boardroom (at the back of the Hospital just before entering the Cafeteria).   This class is a Skills ONLY class open to anyone who needs a BLS certification and can complete the “HeartCode BLS” course online at the American Heart Association website.  (Note: there is a charge for the AHA online class – check the AHA website at “www.OnlineAHA.org” for additional information.)

The cost of the Skills ONLY portion of this class is $20.00, to be paid on the day of class, at the Hospital Business Office (just to the right upon entering the front door of the Hospital).   Please note that the Skills ONLY (manikin) portion of this class can only be taken if the online course has been successfully completed (AHA requires that a “Certificate of Completion” must be presented to the CPR Instructor upon entering the class).  Those interested in attending this evening course must pre-register, at least three (3) weeks prior to the class, and also must create a profile on the NCTI website. 

The classes fill up very quickly, most often six (6) to eight (8) weeks in advance.  It is very important to pre-register for all classes, as noted above. CPR cards are available to claim online, at the AHA website, five (5) to seven (7) business days after those who have attended a class have successfully completed their respective CPR class.

All COS Nursing Students must go through the COS Nursing Office to register for any required CPR classes; FMC does not register COS Nursing Students for CPR courses.  FMC coordinates one (1) CPR class per semester with the COS Nursing Program Office.  All COS Nursing Students are required to register for this class through the COS Nursing Office and must create a profile on the NCTI website at least three (3) weeks in advance of the class.

If none of the options outlined above are viable, or another level of CPR is needed, (i.e., Heartsaver CPR AED or Heartsaver/1st Aid CPR AED), or there is a need for individual CPR classes for businesses, please contact Mountain Medics, at 530.918.8260 and ask for Chad McCall.  Please let Chad know that you were referred by Fairchild Medical Center. 

For other questions regarding any of the information above and/or to pre-register for the BLS or Skills ONLY BLS CPR classes, please call 530.841.6285.