Fairchild Medical Center CPR Classes


Fairchild Medical Center (FMC) provides monthly BLS (Basic Life Support) CPR classes for Healthcare Professionals (doctors, nurses, 1st responders, etc.), using the American Heart Association (AHA) curriculum. The BLS classes are offered once on the first Wednesday of each month and are subject to space availability. The cost of the class is $40.00; the cost of the required student workbook is $13.50 (to be purchased through FMC). All students must pay for both the class and the book prior to attending the class and must have the receipt of payment and the book with them when they check in for class.

The classes begin at 8:30 a.m. and are over by about 12:30 p.m. (depending upon the size of the class); the classes are held in the Hospital Boardroom (on the left just before entering the Cafeteria at the back of the Hospital). Medical professionals interested in signing up for a class must pre-register for the class to determine class availability (walk-ins are not accepted).

The classes fill up very quickly – most often 6 – 8 weeks in advance. It is very important to pre-register as early as possible PRIOR to the expiration date of the current CPR certification. CPR cards are issued to all students who have successfully completed the course and are mailed within two (2) weeks of the class.

In addition, FMC is now offering one evening class per month as a Skills ONLY class designed for those who choose to take either the BLS course (“HeartCode BLS” on the AHA website), Heartsaver CPR AED or Heartsaver CPR AED/1st Aid courses online at the American Heart Association website. This monthly evening class is offered on the last Wednesday of each month; at 4:30 p.m., in the Hospital Boardroom. The cost of the Skills ONLY class is $20.00 (there is also a charge for the AHA online class – check the AHA website at “www.OnlineAHA.org” for additional information). The monthly Skills ONLY class can only be taken if the online course has been successfully completed (a certificate of completion must be presented to the CPR Instructor) and those interested in this evening course must pre-register, as well.

In response to ongoing requests, FMC may be able to offer BLS and/or Heartsaver CPR AED/1st Aid classes to community organizations with six (6) or more employees needing that specific level of training. These classes are scheduled at the availability/convenience of the FMC CPR Course Coordinator and require a minimum of eight (8) weeks advance notice. Please call the number below for more details.

Lastly, all COS Nursing Students need to go through the COS Nursing Office to register for any required CPR classes; FMC does not register COS Nursing Students for CPR courses. FMC coordinates one (1) CPR class per semester with COS and all COS Nursing Students are required to register for this class through the COS Nursing Office.

For questions regarding any of the information above or, to sign up for the BLS or Skills ONLY CPR classes, please call 530.841.6285.