Admitting & Registration



Your physician will arrange your admission and notify you of the date and time to come to the hospital.

At The Hospital

When you arrive at the hospital, check in with the volunteers, then you will be called to the registration window.  Bring your Social Security number, Insurance card, Medicare, Medical Group insurance information with address and Advance Directive.  If you do not have an Advance Directive you will be provided with information and necessary forms for you to complete should you wish to establish an Advance Directive.

Our registration clerk will complete the required forms.  You will be required to sign the admission form.  Your signature authorizes the medical staff and hospital personnel to provide you with care.  If you are under the age of eighteen years, a parent or legal guardian must sign for you.  Should you require surgery or need a special diagnostic procedure, you will be asked to sign a separate consent form or forms.


We urge you to keep all money, valuables, and items of sentimental value at home or to leave them with your family.  If you wish temporary storage of valuables, your nurse can place items in the hospital safe.  Fairchild Medical Center cannot accept responsibility for valuables left in your room.

Financial Assistance

Patients requesting financial assistance may contact the hospital business office at (530)842-4121 and ask to speak with a Financial Counselor.  The integrity of clinical decision making is not affected by compensation arrangements.  This means the decision to receive treatment or to remain in the hospital is based on medical necessity, not on payment arrangements.

Planning for Discharge

Discharge planning is a part of your care.  As a patient at Fairchild Medical Center, you arrange to leave the hospital when your physician determines that it is medically appropriate for you to go home or to another care setting.

Your physician, nurse and other members of your health care team will work with you and your family to plan your discharge.