Jonathon Andrus, Chief Executive Officer
Michael Madden, Assistant Administrator
Moudy Youssef, M.D. Chief Medical Officer
Susan Westphal, RN, Assistant Administrator
Kelly Martin, Chief Financial Officer
Paulette Adams, RN, Director of Hospital Clinics
Joann Sarmento, Manager, Human Resources

Board of Directors


Larry Mulloy, Chairman
Darrin Mercier, Vice-Chairman
Dwayne Jones, Secretary/Treasurer


Judy Baker
Tres Churchill
Sherry Crawford
Dawna Cozzalio
Louis DeRouchey, MD
Carrie Hayden
Douglas Langford, DDS
Christal Duncan, MD, Chief of Staff
Jay Quisenberry
Vina Swenson, MD, Past Chief of Staff
Deanne Terry
Kristi Von Tickner

  Fairchild Medical Center Administrative Team

Fairchild Medical Center Administrative Team